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I’m forgetting things. Do I have Alzheimer’s?

Q:I’m forgetting things. Do I have Alzheimer’s?


A:No. Everyone becomes forgetful from time to time: forgetting where you placed the car keys, not remembering to pick up an item at the grocery store, forgetting to return a friend’s phone call. And as we age, most of us become increasingly forgetful.

While most people who are forgetful don’t have dementia, a professional assessment can aid families in determining if this is forgetfulness or possible dementia. In some cases, medications or other environmental factors may be contributing to somebody becoming forgetful. Dosages can be adjusted, or new treatments prescribed, to ease the memory problems. Medical and mental health conditions, like depression or a deficiency in vitamin B12, can also make someone forgetful. These conditions are treatable and reversible.

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